While the new Karate Kid (2010) movie is a good show, I am confused about the name of the movie, though. 
Right there, in main trailer, Jackie Chan say “…I’ll teach you real Wushu.” So, when did Wushu become Japanese? or Okinawan?

This complaint fits for many martial arts school locally, and I’ll presume nationally. The schools that teach Taekwondo but the school name is Karate. I can accept the original concept of making everything Karate in order to have more people understand what the art was about. At what point do we stop propagating the error and educate people? Yeah, I know that several of the schools don’t claim that they teach true Taekwondo either. They present it as Americanized Taekwondo or Americanized Karate. I suppose it doesn’t matter that their curriculum is still Taekwondo.

Now, I know that my original point was a complaint about Hollywood, so I guess the martial artists that are in the movies don’t consider themselves martial artists anymore…or they don’t care how it gets presented to the public.

Could this be one of the issues why those truly great martial arts teachers, the ones who teach about how to live life and be successful at everything, still have to have day jobs? An aspect of how the industry has turned it into more like running a health club than a school that teaches a valuable curriculum?

This also makes me wonder how many people interested in the martial arts are struggling to find one that will work for them. If you attend the $19.95 one month special plus uniform but don’t like it, will you try that art again? Because the true curriculum isn’t presented fully, the student now doesn’t like the art. But which art? Taekwondo? Karate? Americanized something? I hope that some of those students are willing to give another version and teacher a second try.

Lastly, I personally believe there are many…some I’ve had the honor to learn from…who have more than earned a Master’s or Doctorate degree that will never be recognized by academia. Well, at least right now. It won’t change though until martial artists present their arts wholly and completely to educate, rather than ignore.