Ever heard of a Haxe kick?

It is the name given to a hybrid kick combining the axe kick and hook kick which takes advantage of the reach of the hook kick due to the extension of the hips, with the chopping down action of the axe which allows for the kick to travel over the opponents guard or shoulder from the blind side.

In a video clip from revolutionary new website tkdcoaching.com, world champion Carl van Roon takes two athletes through a combination begins which with a counter hook kick which leads into a slip and reverse punch counter and culminates in the use of the ‘haxe’ kick . To land this kick, Mr van Roon gets the athletes to set up a a rear turning kick to the body, which deceives the opponent before transitioning into into the haxe kick. If the opponent leans in avoidance, the option is then there for a further consecutive follow-up turning kick up high.