Side Kick Height is the one of the main issues kickers struggle with. In the article we will address the main cause of the kicking height barrier. The supporting leg.
While a number of factors can prevent the height of the kick, supporting leg flexibility and strength is the major one. Sometimes a kicker can significantly improve the height of the kick, simply by dropping torso in the opposite direction of the kick. If this is the case, supporting leg is most likely not the main cause. But rather the kicking leg and torso. (We will get into those, in the upcoming articles)
If you did the test (torso dropped and kick did not come up higher), you need to strengthen and stretch the kicking leg. In the process, you will also develop balance, which will help your kicks even further.
The video below presents the progression for development the strength and flexibility in the supporting leg.

AUTHOR: Paul Zaichik is the founder of the Elastic Steel method of Athletic conditioning. With an interest in Martial Arts from early childhood Paul during his Martial Art training realized that many advanced students could barely kick to the head level. He had begun to experiment in this area. As a result Paul transformed many Eastern European Stretching and Gymnastic techniques to meet the needs of the modern martial artists. More and more students were practicing Paul’s techniques, acquiring great strength and flexibility in return. As a certified Exercise and Nutrition instructor Paul has been able to develop over the years many effective techniques that became to be known as ElasticSteel.