When the 2005s film Green Street Hooligans hit theaters and home entertainment it was met with mixed reviews, but found a pretty loyal audience. While popular, it wasn’t one of those films that you would expect a sequel too, but in 2009 they did just that with the straight to DVD release Green Street 2: Stand Your Ground. That film didn’t do great and didn’t star most of the original cast, but somehow did well enough to warrant another entry with the latest Green Street Hooligans: Underground. This time around they are changing things up a bit bringing in martial arts star Scott Adkins to lead the charge, but does it deliver some of the same shenanigans of the original film or is it a fight they just can’t win?

[youtube id=”KcZOO8r0J9o”]

Green Street Hooligans: Underground follows an old firm leader who returns to Green Street for revenge after receiving a call that his little brother was killed, but is he able to cope with a new type of hooliganism and can he find his killer? For anyone hoping to get another entry similar to the original film you will be sorely disappointed. With this entry they have shifted the fight focus into a full on martial arts style with a bit of 90s action flair. This movie would have likely fallen flat had they not brought in Scott Adkins to lead the charge. Don’t underestimate the fact that most of his films are straight to DVD, this man is easily one of the best action stars out there. More often than not if his name is on the film you can count on some great martial arts action. He is perfect for the role here and really the only real reason to check it out. He brings a certain swag to the role alongside his perfection in the fight sequences. The rest of the cast do an ok job with most of them being average at best and the main villain falling a bit flat. With these films the fighting is the centerpiece, so it would have been better to get someone who was a more skilled fighter. The guy did a fine job as the big menacing brute, but it was just a missed opportunity to an awesome final fight sequence. Thankfully Adkins made up for it on the note like only he can.

This is really only connected to the other films in name alone and to be honest probably would have worked better as a standalone film because the direction does lose the spirit of the Hooligans, but at least you have Adkins to make it worth checking out. If they decide to do anymore and stay this course let’s hope they keep Adkins in the lead and allow him to really cut lose next time like he knows how to do.

Step to the streets and defend your club when Green Street Hooligans: Underground hits DVD on February 24th.