Imagine building a house that required you to sacrifice your previous prosperous existence and to build this house on land that was riddled with problems and threats to your existence. After years of toil and tribulation you finally succeeded and owned this modest dwelling that now had the potential to grow and become substantial.

Then imagine some distant relative pretending that they helped you to build this house even though they could not even visit the place where you were building it because their past behavior meant they were prohibited from coming to the land of its construction. But with the goodwill of trying to bring family together you do your best to help this relative to visit your house by putting your own reputation on the line to help the relative to return to this land that they have previously maligned and achieve this at great risk to yourself. For a short time everything goes well and the excitement of bringing together family gives you a sense of joy. But then your relative starts to plot against you with other people and spiritual leaders to try to take over this house that you have built with your hard work and sweat. The relative puts forward unrealistic ideas and wants to build something that is out of context with the surrounds and the country and will not listen to reason believing they are now in charge of the house. When you then kick them out of your house they try in desperation to bring a court case against you based on unfounded statements and representations, and then try to refurbish your house without consulting you or even asking your permission.

Despite this behavior you try to keep the intruders sent by your relative at bay until you reach a point where you have no option but to defend your house from these vicious relatives and intruders.

This is the story of Oh Chang Jin, and Choi Jung Hwa and the current court case that is taking place in Sth Korea. After several years of accusations by Choi Jung Hwa against Oh Chang Jin and the organization that Master Oh built in Sth Korea, finally the matters were brought before a court on the 28th August 2015 in Daejeon. Choi Jung Hwa, accompanied by Trevor Nichols and Volmar Ligay and a few other intruders who wish to refurbish and steal the house that Master Oh built attended the session.

It is at this point not possible to report on the outcome of the case since it has been adjourned until October with evidence being required from Choi Jung Hwa and his cohorts to substantiate claims against Oh Chang Jin. Indeed many people have been given the impression that Choi Jung Hwa is visiting the country of his birth for reasons other than this case, but this is not true. If Choi Jung Hwa had not attended this case on the date required his case would have been dismissed and all of the assertions about Asian Games and the organization of Tul Tours are merely smoke screen to cover the real reasons for his appearance in Sth Korea.

Given that Choi Jung Hwa and his cohorts have previously claimed credit for the actions of Oh Chang Jin this is not surprising. People should know that the events that have previously been run in South Korea for the International Taekwon-Do Federation have been because of the efforts of ITF HQ Korea, including the Tul Tours, which are fully owned by ITF HQ Korea. It is interesting to note that Choi Jung Hwa is now saying these Tul Tours will be run by his cohorts in Korea and yet only a few month ago he was telling his members that if they attended these courses they would be expelled from his organization.

To build a family and a strong house it requires not only hard work but honesty, transparency, and willingness to work together. Moreover, it is very rude and inappropriate to come to somebody’s home that you do not owe and try to refurbish it without the owner’s permission. It is also simply against the law. Dreaming is good because it gives people hope and enhances creativity but having only fantasies without any realistic support is senseless and it looks like the ‘intruders’ need to step down on the earth and see the situation in reality.

After the completion of the court case the owners of the house will present the detailed results so all family members good and bad will have a proper understanding of the situation. REFURBISHING SOMEBODY’S HOUSE WITHOUT PERMISSION IS A CRIME!!! Every family member deserves to know the truth.