While Tony Jaa is credited with the popularity of Thai action films here in the US it was the brains behind the films that late Panna Rittikrai who made it happen. Now WellGo USA is bringing his final film Vengeance of An Assassin to Blu-ray and DVD that reunites him with Dan Chupong, but does the film bring the action he is known for or will he finally lose the fight?

Vengeance of an Assassin follows an assassin who became a killer for one reason- to discover who killed his parents. As he gets closer to uncovering a secret network of power and corruption, he’s double-crossed on a job, making him a target and putting everyone he loves in danger. Betrayed, exposed, and hunted by the deadliest killers in the business, now he must fight faster and stronger to survive. This film opens with a cool fight/soccer game that sets the tone for what could possibly be to come despite the sequence really not fitting in with the rest of the story. Once it gets passed this portion the film slows down a bit to set the tone and creeps along for a bit before much else happens. While this is necessary for the build-up of the story, it still feels like some of it was drug out and could have been trimmed down. Thankfully the film finds its action footing and cuts loose. While none of the action quite lives up to the level you might hope for his previous films, they do still bring the pain. There are a couple of sequences that instead of bringing the insane stunts go a more clever route using a wide variety of items as weapons through the entire sequence that is a lot of fun to watch. There is no shortage of both martial arts action and gun play throughout the second half of the film that while some feels a bit odd in direction still works to please the action fanatic.

[youtube id=”sPSGyzM0740″]

This is one of those action films that you have to watch for just that as some of the acting is not all that great and the CGI that they use in most of the second half of the film isn’t all that believable but thanks to the well-choreographed fun martial arts sequences you can look the other way and enjoy the destruction. Prepare for vengeance and grab your copy of Vengeance of an Assassin when it hits Blu-ray and DVD on April 14th.