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Dragon Ball Xenoverse is currently available in Japan on February 7th for the current-generation and last-generation consoles, but it will release to North America and Europe later this month. Bandai Namco streamed a new promotional trailer that is a throwback to the very first major battle in Dragon Ball Z, where Goku and Piccolo have to fight against the former’s older brother, Raditz, who kidnapped Gohan.

Mira and Towa, the villains of the game, are interfering in the battles across Dragon Ball history.

Piccolo fires the shot that kills Raditz, but kills Goku in the process.

The villains change the outcome that Raditz breaks free from Goku’s hold, which causes Piccolo to only kill Goku. Raditz sets his sights on Piccolo and kills him as well.

Future Trunks and the Supreme Kai of Time summon you, the customized player, to protect the history of Dragon Ball Z. The game’s story mode will have you insert yourself into the major story battles like the first battle against Raditz.

You are joined by Goku and Piccolo in the battle.

Winning battles will ensure that the outcomes will go exactly as planned, but that puts you in the sights of Mira and Towa.

North America will receive the game on February 24th, with the PC version coming out on February 27th on Steam. Europe will receive the game on February 27th.

If you pre-order the game and get the “Day One Edition,” you will get the Frieza Battle Suits as additional costumes. Super Saiyan IV Vegeta is included as a playable character as well.

“Day One Editions” in Japan will have a download code to acquire Jaco, the titular hero of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, which is a prequel to Dragon Ball.

Your custom character can learn from the heroes and villains of the Dragon Ball Universe, which enables you to use their unique special attacks. Players who beat Dragon Ball Xenoverse will unlock Broly to use in the game.

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