On 30 May 2016, Master Peter Sanders and his wife departed from the Netherlands and arrived in Oscoda, Michigan (Birthplace of Paul Bunyan). The purpose of this visit was to conduct an ITF HQ senior black belt examination at the Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts Academy and conduct a self-defense seminar. During his visit he got to experience a variety of activities. These activities included observing Mr. Michael Munyon’s Taekwon-Do and HapKiDo programs (kids and adults), Urban Defense Solutions Firearms training course, local shopping and enjoying the fine dining offered in Oscoda.

The students of the Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts Academy (registered dojang with ITF HQ) received good reports on their Taekwon-Do training during Master Sander’s visit. On 3 June (Friday), three examinations were observed and evaluated by Master Sanders.

Mast. Munyon performing during his 7 Dan test

Mast. Munyon performing during his 7 Dan test

From 5 pm until 6 pm, several Taekwon-Do students were examined for their next rank and performed the entire composition of Taekwon-Do (fundamental movements, tuls, sparring, breaking and more). Next the HapKiDo candidates were evaluated and demonstrated HapKiDo hyungs, falls/rolls, strikes, joint locks, take downs, weapons and more. Finally, from 7-9 pm black belt candidates were evaluated. Amongst them were Mrs. Patricia Care (4th Dan) from Pennsylvania and Mr. Michael Munyon (6th Dan). Candidates performed a variety of Gup, Dan and their rank required Tuls, Step-Sparring, Hosinsul and Breaking Techniques.
Master Sanders observing Dan test

Master Sanders observing test

Following a senior black belt examination was Master Sander’s Self-Defense seminar. This seminar was open to anyone regardless of rank, experience, affiliation and etc. Participants comprised of people with no self-defense experience, gup ranks, black belt ranks, local police officers and more. Master Sanders shared his unique style of self-defense which comprised of Taekwon-Do, HapKiDo and Tuekgong Moosool. His 4 hour seminar helped both beginners and Master ranked black belts bolster their self-defense toolbox. Several participants came from all over Michigan, Pennsylvania and Colorado. A variety of martial art styles were present to include Taekwon-Do, HapKiDo and Tang Soo Do. Guest black belts included Mr. David Quigg (founder of www.bluecottagetkd.com), Mr. William Kocur, owner of Kocur’s TKD, Ms. Jerri James, Master Rick Brown, owner of Sabumnim martial arts, Master Floyd Soo, owner of Floyd Soo’s Korean Karate and Master Raymond Saint out of Wisconsin and a Tul Tour participant. Certificates of participation and photos were taken upon the conclusion of the seminar.
Senior instructors with Master Sanders

Senior instructors with Master Sanders (L-R: Mr Quigg, Mr Kocur, Ms Care, Mast. Munyon, Mast. Sanders)

Later that evening, Mr. Munyon hosted a semi-formal dinner at Hsing’s Garden located in East Tawas, Michigan. Over 50 people attended this prestigious evening. Students who passed their examinations were presented with their new belts and certificates. Additionally, four individuals were presented with “recognition awards” for their outstanding contributions to the martial arts.
Presentation of 7 Dan black belt to Master Munyon

Presentation of 7 Dan black belt to Master Munyon

After these presentations Master Sanders and his wife were presented with gifts for their outstanding leadership and marksmanship on the shooting range. Moments later, Master Sanders had an announcement. He stated that Mrs. Patricia Care was promoted to 5th degree black belt and Mr. Munyon was officially promoted to 7th degree black belt. Mr. Munyon had a little extra surprise for one of his students. During this event, Mr. Munyon proposed marriage to his long term girlfriend, Ms. Kelly Sowerby. She said “yes”. This was indeed a special event for everyone. In conclusion, members of ITF HQ work hard to ensure high standards, quality training and quality training, which in the ends results in quality people. For more information about ITF HQ visit www.itfofficial.nu.

AUTHOR: Munyon ID picMaster Michael L. Munyon (7 Degree Black Belt) is the owner of the Munyon’s Korean Martial Arts Academy/Urban Defense Solutions located in Oscoda, Michigan and travel throughout the state giving lectures and training on topics such as Work Place Violence, Active Shooter, Physical Security and more.
He served his entire career in the Security Forces career field. His assignments include Montana, Michigan, California, Korea (Kunsan and Osan Air Base), Mississippi, Portugal and Nebraska. During this time he has deployed to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan on numerous occasions. Mast. Munyon has been recognized for his work with the United States and Foreign military by senior enlisted leaders and has received numerous awards of recognition for his talents and volunteer work. In 2009 Mast. Munyon was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame in Long Beach, California. Later in 2013, Mast. Munyon was inducted into the Official Taekwon-Do Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, Nevada. Finally, in 2016, Mast. Munyon was inducted into the United States KiDo Federation Hall of Fame earning the award entitled “Master of the Year”.