[youtube id=”XR2WrHRQNBY”]Making the giant leaps behind the times

In the world where warfare is getting more advanced in term of technology, North Korea want to show off their skill in old fashions: traditional martial arts.

A viral video was broadcast by North Korea’s state television which displayed an impressive performance of the North Korea army. The video also featuring Kim Jong-Un as the their leader. He even showed his commanders and advisers how to use gun.  However, the real question is how much hand-to-hand combat do troops really engage in these days?

The main purpose of this video is sending a message that North Korean military is ready for any threat from South Korea or US. You may find this type of promotion similar with China did few months ago with their military demonstration as the video below here.

Without doubt or question the actual level of skill and martial arts technique displayed is very impressive and not something we should take lightly. Any of you who have ever done any martial arts can attest to the incredible level of training and strength (mental and physical) that these sequences take.

While this clip is perhaps not the most convincing PR stunt because of it’s obvious propaganda and slightly old-fashioned displays of martial arts, the physical and mental power of these North Korean soldiers should definitely not be underestimated.

The Seoul-based Korea Economic Research Institute said in a report that in 2011 North Korea operated a 1.02-million-strong army and a record number of tanks, warships and air defense artillery. Total military personnel strength is 1.2 million.

“We need to remember that the North is far superior in terms of the number of troops, and especially the North’s military is structured in its formation and deployment with the purpose of an offensive war.”  the institute said.

But analysts say that even though the North’s army far outnumbers the combined South Korean and US troop levels, the North’s forces would stand no chance of winning a war because their equipment was vastly inferior.

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Assessing U.S. vs. North Korea Military Capabilities

Assessing U.S. vs. North Korea Military Capabilities