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One of the best things about the documentary genre is that every so often the filmmakers latch onto something so ridiculous it is brilliant. In the latest, Kung Fu Elliot they have latched onto the perfect subject with so many possibilities that you cannot wait to see what sort of train wreck this might be, but does it deliver the desired results or will it be a fight not worth cheering for?

The Orchard

The Orchard

Kung-Fu Elliot follows Elliot “White Lightning” Scott plans on becoming Canada’s first action hero with his low-budget karate epic, Blood Fight. This surreal documentary captures two years in the lives of a passionate amateur filmmaker, his supportive partner Linda, and their outrageous cast-all trying to realize their dreams. With everyone’s hopes and dreams pinned on Elliot, this comedic-drama unfolds into a shocking and complex examination of how we lie to ourselves. To say this film is a unique experience is an understatement. From the moment this film begins you know instantly that you are in for something strange and out there. The filmmaker has taken a classic approach to following these characters around and captures pure gold. There are elements here that feel like the documentary Catfish involving twists and turns you don’t quite expect. While the film is focusing on Elliot making his karate film ‘Blood Fight’ there is so much more here involving his friends and real life. Everything about this film delivers pure bizarre brilliance that is like watching a carnival side show filled with lame karate warriors who clearly know nothing about anything, but their delusion makes them amazing. While you watch it you will constantly question if this is real life or just a fake documentary, but the nature of it all is so out there it has to be real life. In a small outside chance this is faked, then these people are some of the greatest actors of all time. There is an endless supply of weirdness throughout the film, but it’s the second half that really gets weird.

Throughout the majority of the film you are just following his filmmaking and obsession with becoming Canada’s martial arts star, but he takes a trip to China and things begin to head in another direction. There is a brilliant interaction with a Shaolin Monk that he decides to show his martial arts skill too that just proves the absurd claims you already know. After this sequence the focus of the film changes and starts to unravel everything we have learned about Elliot and his life. His filmmaking takes on some levels of depravity that were unexpected, but made for an even more insanely compelling film. It’s hard to really explain much about this film that will do it justice, but it is a must see. This has cult classic written all over it and would be even greater to get a chance to see a full length version of the other films in Elliot’s filmography and even better to get to see Blood Fight itself, but that is likely never going to happen.

This is more than just a documentary, but instead an experience into the delusion of life that is out there. There are so many people to claim to have some sort of martial arts skill or accolades and while this is offensive to real martial artists, things like this are just so out there you cannot help but be entertained on every level. Everyone needs to get out there and support this awesome martial arts train wreck film of this guy’s life that opened in select theaters on February 20th and will be hitting video on demand on February 24th.

For more information head over to http://www.kungfuelliot.com/