The world of martial arts is about more than just fighting, but about family. No matter what style or system you train in true martial artists not only bring everything they have to their training physically, but they have the heart and passion that extends beyond just a normal sport, it’s a lifestyle. All martial arts have competitions of some kind, but none is more passionate about it than the world of Judo.

Geronimo Saucedo Goldscmied is one of those martial artists who has the passion, love and skill in Judo and brings everything he has to not just his competitions, but to class whether is be training or teaching. He has been training with Grand Master Bert Becerra for years at the Becerra Judo Club in Garland, Tx and has been making a name for himself in competition racking up numerous wins including a Gold medal in Junior Olympics National Championship 2015, Gold medal in el Torneo Tomoyoshi Yamaguchi 2015, Gold medal in US Open 2014, and Gold medal in Olimpiada Nacional Guadalajara 2014 to name very few. Now he is setting his sights on the Judo World Cadet Championship in the city of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but being a young man needs help. They have launched a fund to help him get the money needed to make this life changing trip for a champion that is deserving of it.

This is not just about someone going to a Judo tournament, but a young man focused on not only becoming the best, but honoring his Grand Master Bert Becerra, his family, his country and himself. This kind of opportunity is rare for kids and it would be a shame for a champion who has given everything he has of himself and others to not be able to pursue his dream like he deserves. We all know that not everyone can afford much or at all, but any amount helps as well as sharing it around to as many people as you can.

The competition is from August 3rd to the 9th so there isn’t a whole lot of time, so please do whatever you can to get the word out and donate if you can.

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