“VICTORY”! What a sound word. Every athletes want victory in their every matches, games or tournaments. We usually make V shape with our two finger while clicking pictures during achievements which indicates victory. Victory is the prime dream of all athletes in their athletic life. Besides Victory another part come Lose which always goes together. If one player or team wins another player or team will loss it is the universal truth. Here I am going to discuss about elements which affects the victory and it is my own experience not necessary that every athlete may feel same as like me.

1. Positive attitude

Your feelings or attitude should be always positive towards the destiny. It means if you win you will be happy of course but be prepare for lose also. If you lose the game you shouldn’t upset because it is the part of game. I have seen some player crying in arena for losing bout against opponent during tournament which is not so good. You must take lesion from your lose and prepare yourself for next tournament. But we always take part in championship to become winner not for loser. So be positive always.

2. Regular Practice

Regular practice is the key of success. For better performance and better result you have to practice regular. Without continuity you can’t improve your skills & will interrupt the path of progress. There is a quote also that practice makes man/woman perfect. Variation of practice may bring more interest in you. Same schedule and same location or same pattern of daily practice can make bore you. So some time try to change your method or pattern of practice of your skills. This may bring good results too.

3. Consistency

Every player tries to maintain his/her best form during athletic life to become champion. The form may be achieved after long time of regular practice but maintaining the best form for long period is challenging for all. It means making consistency in regular form is hard enough and challenging task for players. But athletes should maintain it to achieve victory.

4. Focused on yourself

Don’t pay attention to your opponent you should focus on yourself. While you preparing for tournament or entering to arena you should think about your moves, plan & strategy not about your opponent at all. Your vision about what is you going to perform in the arena or tournament is main key so give it more importance than other things.

5. Environment

Practice session is one part and actual tournament is another part. What kind of environment we create during practice session and before tournament it directly affects the player’s attitude. If we create positive environment it will certainly affect positive will. Necessary facilities to athletes must be provided. It supports them by psychologically towards victory. If these kind of things goes opposite of players of course it will lead them to negativity.

6. Motivation

Motivational charge for players is must in today’s scenario. Only good training with good coach is not enough today. Without positive motivation players cannot give 100% to the game. They should be psychologically treated and prepared for the tournaments. I have met some coaches who said once that if his student will not win in the next bout he shall break his nose or dismiss from the class. A student told me about it at the same time I thought that it is not a motivation it was threat given by instructor to his student. It is not a way to treat the students. Obviously it brings negative thinking about art and coach. Threat never gives good result; coach should motivate them successfully in a positive manner.

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At last, Winners are not those who never fail, they are those who never quit. Champions also make mistakes but not repeating mistakes is great lesion. Our goal is always to become winner and achieve victory so I usually say “WE RISE EVERY TIME WE FALL BUT NEVER QUIT”. Oss