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Chinese Flight Attendants Are Learning Kung Fu to Fight Terrorist

Flight attendants in China may soon have a new tool in their arsenal for fighting terrorism.

Attendant trainees at Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation, in the city of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province, are learning kung fu in addition to the more typical in-flight duties, according to China Daily.

The college has started a special course to teach its 20,000 students how to subdue opponents while on board, hiring trainers steeped in the tradition of kung fu.

Young Chinese students dressed flight attendant uniforms

Young Chinese students dressed flight attendant uniforms learn Wing Chun, a concept-based Chinese martial art, at Sichuan Southwest Vocational College of Civil Aviation in Chengdu city, southwest Chinas Sichuan province, 16 June 2014.

“The threat of terrorism is increasing and so personnel must really be equipped to deal with life and death situations at thousands of feet up in the air,” said Tu Tengyao, a trainer at the college who is the son of legendary kung fu master Ye Wen. “It is impossible to use firearms in such places so people must rely on their wits and their strengths. I hone them into becoming adept martial art practitioners.”

Personnel must really be equipped to deal with life and death situations at thousands of feet up in the air

Ye Wen passed down the tradition of Wing Chun kung fu. The college said Wing Chun is “quite suitable to be practiced in narrow and confined spaces” — and it is not the first organization to consider it for air safety.

In 2011, Hong Kong Airlines required all cabin crew to train in Wing Chun, according to South China Morning Post.

WRESTLE: These girls mean business [CEN]

WRESTLE: These girls mean business [CEN]

Wing Chun is also known as Ving Tsun or Wing Tsun. It is specifically for close-range combat, and the moves focus on striking and grappling.

Although the intended purpose of the course, called Eighteen Combat Movements of Anti-Terrorists in Civil Aviation, is to combat potential terrorists, the tactics could also be used against drunk or otherwise disorderly passengers.

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By Fessica Flautz | Mashable

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Taekwon-Do, it’s more than just kicking and punching

One Year after the Tul Tour Taekwon-Do Training Program in Korea.

A year after we completed the Tul Tour program in Korea, I have been thinking what it had meant to us and how it had changed us.

A little nervous for what awaited us in the homeland of Taekown-Do, we went on a trip to Korea. I’m a mother, 45 years of age with a 15 year-old adolescent daughter. We are both Taekwon-Do practitioners and attended the program together. At the end of the Tul Tour, I noticed changes in my daughter views and approach to life.

[youtube id=”QTASBrPDW_g”]

By the way, during the Tul Tour we interacted with each other, had good conversations and the amusing culture of Korea and its history made us think about ourselves. Especially the kindness and patience of the Korean people let us see how these features could be implemented in a daily life. In spite of hard physical training in the August heat and humid weather, busy work out on body and mind, surprisingly let us all relaxed.

The kindness and patience of the Korean people let us see how these features could be implemented in a daily life.

My daughter’s academic record was not that impressive. She narrowly passed her third grade of high school. She wasn’t busy with so much school work. Computer and friends were much more important.

The trip to Korea and joining the Tul Tour had changed us for the better. We had learned to be patient and kind to our fellow man. After this trip it was my daughter’s senior year and she was much more serious about her study. She focused more and worked harder than usually, finally passing her exams. Her hard work paid back as she was able to achieve the highest average mark in her school.

Now, every day we think of the beautiful journey that we had made and the adventures that we experienced.

Now, every day we think of the beautiful journey that we had made and the adventures that we experienced. We met and made friends for life. It’s very special and rewarding to go on an adventure with a group. We would like to thank those who were involved in the Tul Tour, for everything they have done for us.

[youtube id=”vkXCree08_8″]

Our greatest desire is to return to this beautiful country again and to participate in another Tul Tour program. We have learned so much, not only techniques but also perseverance and about what you want in your life. Positive attitude in life allows to extract something beautiful out of it. Be kind to one other, let’s do what Taekwon-Do stands for.

[Tweet “Positive attitude in life allows to extract something beautiful out of it”]

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Russia and Turkey Take Top Position at Para Taekwondo Championships

Fifth Para-Taekwondo World Championships completed in the Russian capital – Moscow. It was attended by a record number of athletes with disabilities – 121 participants from 40 countries. Kazakhstani sportsmen participated in the championship for the first time. A delegation of five people flew to Moscow with the support of Kazakhstan Taekwondo Federation (WTF). Two of them were athletes.

The hosts brought a solid 26-strong contingent to the Championships, the second to take place in Russia after St Petersburg in 2010, and reaped the rewards inside a venue built to host handball during the 1980 Olympics as their men’s team recorded three gold medals, three silver and four bronze for 71 points.

Iranian para-taekwondo fighter Mehdi Pourrahnama

Iranian para-taekwondo fighter Mehdi Pourrahnama

They finished ahead of an impressive Iranian team, which sealed two gold and a silver, and an equally successful Turkish team which will travel home with two gold and a bronze.

Completing the top five was Azerbaijan and Mongolia.

The Azerbaijani’s secured a gold and a bronze and the Mongolian’s a gold and a silver.

Due to numbers of athletes proving a factor in the results, it was the Azeri’s who claimed fourth spot, with Spain in fifth.

Russian team coach Efremov Alexander told insidethegames that he was “extremely proud” with his team, adding, “every year we have harder and harder opponents so medals are very hard to win.”

Alexander, who was also named best male coach for the Championships by the World Taekwondo Federation, added: “Because of this, every medal we win makes me very proud of our country and our athletes.”

The women’s competition saw a jubilant Turkish team take top honours over Russia.

Adding to their medals in the men’s division, Turkey’s women won two gold and two bronze to gain their place at top of the podium.

The Russian women were biting at their heels the whole way as their gold, three silver and bronze placed them second in the competition.

Ukraine, led by triple world champion Viktoriia Marchuk, completed the women’s podium in third after Marchuk’s gold was joined by a single bronze to give them 12 points, one ahead of Denmark in fourth.

Turkey’s head coach Zehra Türüdü Örkan, who claimed the honour for best female coach, said: “We have worked hard for these Championships and this is a result of our work.

“So we are very proud and happy with the results and hope to continue being successful in the future.”

As well as a Championships designed for competitive competition, the event also awarded nations who displayed a good fighting spirit across the two-days.

On the men’s side, this award was handed to the Moroccan team who, not only proved a great success on the mat, but also provided the spirit, enthusiasm and kindness of it.

[youtube id=”oloktyimXKQ”]

The Moroccan team were attending their first World Championships following funding and communication issues in previous years and were a key part of the Opening Ceremony as they performed an incredible demonstration of athletic capabilities in a unique and adaptive way for persons with a disability.

The female equivalent to this award was won by Lesotho after an incredible success for under 49 kilogramme athlete Masole Pitso in the women’s K42 classification.

Ukraine’s Viktoriia Marchuk and Mongolia’s Bolor-Erdene Ganbat were named best female and male competitors at the Championships in Moscow ©ITGUkraine’s Viktoriia Marchuk and Mongolia’s Bolor-Erdene Ganbat were named best female and male competitors at the Championships in Moscow ©ITG

Ukraine’s Viktoriia Marchuk and Mongolia’s Bolor-Erdene Ganbat were named best female and male competitors at the Championships in Moscow ©ITG

Ukraine’s Viktoriia Marchuk and Mongolia’s Bolor-Erdene Ganbat were named best female and male competitors at the Championships in Moscow ©ITG

Ukraine’s Marchuk, who secured her third world title in the women’s K43 under 49kg category, was named female athlete of the tournament as she continues to display the tenacity and drive that is hoped will gain taekwondo a spot on the Paralympic programme at Tokyo 2020.

SEE ALSO: WTF Para-Taekwondo may be holded in Tokyo 2020

After receiving the award, Marchuk told insidethegames that it was “the biggest thing to win at the World Championships.”

When asked for her opinion on the competition she added plainly: “If these Championships were not good, I would not come.”

The three-time world champion, who has won in each of the Championships she has competed in, also expressed her desire for the sort to make it into the Paralympic programme, stating: “I dream about coming into the Paralympic Games.

“I want to win medals all over the world.”

The best male athlete awarded was handed to Mongolia’s Bolor-Erdene Ganbat, the winner of the men’s K44 -61kg division.

In terms of officials, Australia’s Maher Mgableh, Morocco’s Tarik Benradi and Jordan’s Haya Qubain-Kara were selected as best referees of the Championships.

By David Kiue

David Kiue is a Kocosports Original, combat sports news reporter, huge WWE & BJ Penn fan, grew up in Hawaii and now lives in Tokyo Japan.

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Documentary about TKD School for Syrian Refugee Children needs your support

After Spring is an inspiring documentary about a taekwondo school in a Syrian Refugee Camp.

Through discipline, structure and spirituality, this taekwondo school helps these displaced kids become gain empowerment and find peace as they await their country’s future.

The filmmakers hope that by sharing these stories the documentary will put a human face on the massive Syrian conflict.  This documentary will show how Taekwondo’s teachings of hope and unity can boost the spirits of even the most unexpected athletes, and changes lives all around the world.

The team is currently raising $50,000 to finish filming.  If they do not reach their goal, they do not get any of the money.  If everyone on this site backs this project, the movie will be funded in a day!

You can donate as either individuals or groups.  Any level of contribution helps, and Kickstarter accepts international donations.  If a TaeKwonDo school is able to raise $800 together, the school will be credited on-screen at the end of the film.

Please donate now on Kickstarter:

And follow the film on Twitter and Instagram @afterspringfilm

Facebook page:



Some pictures from this project

The Zaatari Refugee Camp

The Zaatari Refugee Camp

After Spring

After Spring

The shooting crew with some of our new friends in Zaatari

The shooting crew with some of our new friends in Zaatari

Where does the funds go?

Where does the funds go?

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Blind man overcomes disability, become back belt of 3 different martial arts

[Tweet “Martial arts isn’t about being the best, it’s about being better.”]
Joshua Loya might not be able to see his sword, his opponents or his students, but his mastery of martial arts is crystal clear.

Loya, who has been completely blind since he was 15, is a teacher at the Guardian Dojo in California.

Loya has spent a decade working towards martial arts’ highest honor, the third degree black belt. And this Saturday, he’ll receive not one, but three.

“Martial arts isn’t about being the best,” he explains. “It’s about being better.”

Loya loves practicing just as much as teaching, which is why he has become a sensei who can teach his own students.

SEE ALSO: Teaching Taekwon Do (Martial Arts) To Students With Special Needs

“If I can help somebody have more life than they had just a few moments ago, that’s what gives life to me,” says Loya.

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WTF Para-Taekwondo may be holded in Tokyo 2020

WTF Para-Taekwondo Committee chair “quite positive” sport will be included at Tokyo 2020

The World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is quietly confident the sport will be added to the Paralympic programme at Tokyo 2020, it was claimed here today.

Speaking at a press conference ahead of the 5th WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championships in WTF Para-Taekwondo Committee chairman Koos Engelbrecht revealed  he was looking forward to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) decision in Berlin in October.

He was “quite positive” that taekwondo would be chosen ahead of its only rival, badminton, he claimed

Engelbrecht added: “We have to wait until the IPC’s final decision, but we are quite positive that taekwondo will be on the official programme of the 2020 Paralympic Games.”

Engelbrecht was joined at the conference, held at the headquarters of ITAR-TASS, by WTF secretary general Jean Marie-Ayer, Russian Paralympic Committee vice-president Pavel Rozhkov and Anatoly Terekhov, President of the Russian Taekwondo Union.

Around 120 athletes from a record 40 countries have made the trip to Moscow for the 5th World Para-Taekwondo Championships

Around 120 athletes from a record 40 countries have made the trip to Moscow for the 5th World Para-Taekwondo Championships

More than 120 athletes from 40 countries are set to take part in the World Championships at the Dinamo Sport Palace in Krylatskoe, Moscow, on Saturday and Sunday (June 21 and 22).

The Championships will be the second held in Moscow since its inauguration in Baku in 2009.

The Russian Taekwondo Union hosted the 2nd World Para-Taekwondo Championships in St Petersburg in 2010, an event which attracted a total of 65 athletes from 21 countries.

This edition of the Championships will feature both kyorugi and poomsae competitions and mark the first time that it incorporate poomsae competitions for intellectually impaired athletes.

“It is the second time for Russia to host the WTF World Para-Taekwondo Championships,” said Terekhon.

“This time we organise the Championship separately as it is so important before the IPC’s decision.

“My dream now is to put taekwondo on the 2020 Paralympic programme.”

Ayer added: “The Moscow event has a special meaning as the WTF has applied for being part of the 2020 Paralympic programme.

“The WTF is going all out to meet IPC-set requirements.

“Our vision is to keep developing taekwondo and provide opportunities for all.”

Contact the writer of this story at

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'Martial Arts Training For Girls in Schools, Colleges': Uttar Pradesh, India

Amidst rise in cases of crime against women, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav today directed that martial arts training for girls should be introduced in schools and colleges so that they can learn self-defence.

Mr Yadav, who was reviewing the 24X7 1090 women helpline, asked Chief Secretary Alok Ranjan to make arrangements for providing training in martial arts to girls in schools and colleges from the next academic session.

College Girls in Uttar Pradesh, India

In wake of the Badaun gang rape and murder of two minor cousin sisters the Chief Minister had instructed that the helpline service should be set up in all districts.

The 1090 women helpline is a one-state one number service to handle cases of harassment by vulgar and abusive callers and stalkers.

“In the review meeting in which state police Chief A L Banerjee and ADG Sutapa Sanyal, in-charge of the women cell in the DGP office were also present, Yadav directed for effective and regular monitoring of women-related crimes,” an official statement here said.

“Action in these cases should be taken promptly and with full sensitivity,” the Chief Minister directed.

Stressing on the need of making the women helpline more effective, Yadav asked DGP Bannerji and ADG Sanyal to conduct surprise inspections at the office of the helpline, saying that this would also check the quality of work done by it, the statement said.

Children in Uttar Pradesh's Classroom

Children in Uttar Pradesh’s Classroom

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“The government has already issued instructions to officials to take prompt steps to maintain dignity of women and provide proper protection to them,” it said.

The chief minister has issued clear orders to take strict action against all those involved in crime against women, the statement said.

By Lucknow | NDTV

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Taekwon-Do Self Defense Seminar in Serbia by Master Perter Sanders

In May (21-22) the Chairman of Masters of Council of International Taekwon-Do Federation Headquarters Korea, Master Peter Sanders 8th Dan, conducted a self-defense seminar in the city of Backoj topoli, in Serbia. Master Sanders was invited by the Serbian ITF-instructor Mr Nenad Vrekic.

Master Sanders, an 8th Dan in Taekwondo, 7th Dan in Hapkido and 6th Dan in Teukgong Moosool (Special Forces Martial Arts) has been very well known for his self-defense techniques and the thrilling combination of the qualities of these different Korean Martial Arts.

Participants from Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia trained for 2 days and learned how to use the body and mind in the purpose of self-defense. The relaxation of the mind and the art of convincing your mind that your body is needed in this split of a second for only one purpose, self-defense was a unique and very valuable approach to defending oneself. Master Sanders, being 57 years of age showed tremendous speed, power and incredible precision while defending himself in dangerous situations.

Members of Special police force from Croatia and from Serbia took home a wide variety of defense techniques they could use in real life situations. Not only the professionals but also the children participating in the seminar had a great time because of the personal, relaxed and positive way of teaching Master Sanders is known of. A smile, a joke, a funny way of working but at the same time explaining the purpose of the techniques in a clear and realistic way made these 2 days in Serbia a great event that will continue to take place on a yearly basis.

Master Sanders made new friends, strengthened old friendships and made all participants feel they are members of a Martial Arts community that surely can be named a Family.

The next event where Master Sanders will teach is at the summer camp of Siljeon Moodowon organization in Hungary From 26th until 29th of June.

Below is a previous seminar by Master Sanders

[youtube id=”hsuWupr_oRQ”]

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TaeKwonDo Black Belt, Miss Nevada takes Miss USA 2014 crown

During the “Final Question” portion of the 2014 Miss USA Pageant which is unfortunately mostly known for awkward, uncomfortable, stuttering, nonsensical answers, the finalists had to endure a five minute segment of Final Question disasters and unintentional youtube sensations, before answering their questions.  Despite all that, Miss Nevada, Nia Sanchez who is also a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo wowed the crowd.

I do have to admit the cynical side of me was waiting for this year’s blunder to happen, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Some answers were a bit awkward, but who am I to judge?  I’m not on the spot, being asked major moral, societal and political questions and expected to give a perfect answer summed up in one or two sentences while millions of people are watching!

When the spotlight turned to Miss Nevada for her final question, she picked her question out of a bowl and drew this question:

Recently Time Magazine revealed that 19% of U.S. undergraduate women are victims of sexual assault in college.  Why has such a horrific epidemic been swept under the rug for so long and what can colleges do to combat this?

Then, without the fake smile she took a subtle shot and how universities handle the situation and also said this:

I believe that some colleges may potentially be afraid of having a bad reputation and that would be a reason that it would be swept under the rug because they don’t want that to come out into the public.

I think more awareness is very important so women can learn to protect themselves. Myself as a 4th Degree Black Belt, I’ve learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself.  And I think that’s something that we really need to start to implement for a lot of women.

Not bad for a quick answer to massive problem.

Having lived in Phoenix, AZ my whole life I decided to take a look at how the three big Arizona universities were handling this.  I was glad to see that Arizona State University (ASU), University of Arizona (U of A) and Northern Arizona University (NAU) all have taken great steps to provide on-campus resources and support for sexual assault victims.

The truth is that sexual assault isn’t just happening on college campuses.

The unfortunate reality is that a sexual assault could happen to anyone.  You may know someone who has been assaulted or have experienced it for yourself.  This is why the second part of Nia Sanchez’s answer was so important.  It is critical that there is more awareness brought to this subject and that women develop the skills and ability necessary to protect themselves if such a situation occurs.

You may not ever have to deal with a full blown sexual assault, but you must be able to handle yourself in situations that range from people asking for money, to road rage, to date rape.

Again, I think it’s great that communities, college campuses and many others are putting resources into helping people deal with this.  But all counselors, security cameras, alarms, locks, and pepper spray in the world (while they all help and make a difference) can’t take the place of personal awareness and decisive action in an attack situation.  And that requires training.

Fighter: Sanchez, seen in her taekwondo uniform, has a fourth-degree black belt

Fighter: Sanchez, seen in her taekwondo uniform, has a fourth-degree black belt

In my 30 years of experience teaching Taekwondo, I have seen many fads and gadgets that promise to be THE answer to personal protection.  The disappointing part is that none of these address the issue of personal awareness and none of these help YOU to understand how you will react, or how you should react in a dangerous situation in order to protect yourself.

This is why we’ve been teaching Women’s Self-Defense and Awareness seminars for the past 25 years including a two week Self-Defense and Awareness program taught to all the Freshman at the all-girls Xavier College Preparatory.

The program deals with three critical things that every woman should know which are the four stages of an assault, boundary setting, and adrenaline stress response training.

If you want more information about our program for yourself or a loved one, give us a call at 602-264-2300.

Congratulations to Nia Sanchez, Taekwondo 4th Degree Black Belt and now Miss USA!


Winner: Miss Nevada USA Nia Sanchez, pictured, won the Miss USA

Winner: Miss Nevada USA Nia Sanchez, pictured, won the Miss USA

Congratulation! Miss Nevada USA Nia Sanchez is seen getting her crown

Congratulation! Miss Nevada USA Nia Sanchez is seen getting her crown


Here I am! Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez takes the runway during the swimsuit portion of the 2014 Miss USA beauty pageant.

Here I am! Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez takes the runway during the swimsuit portion of the 2014 Miss USA beauty pageant.

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Pakistan seeks to host Asian TaeKwonDo Championship

Pakistan plans to host the Asian Invitational Taekwondo championship early next year in Islamabad, a top official of the Pakistan Taekwondo Federation (PTF) said on Friday.

“We plan to hold the event in February-March 2015 in which teams from 12 to 14 countries of the continent will show their mettle,” PTF’s President Lt Col Waseem Ahmed told ‘The News’ in a detailed chat from Rawalpindi.

However, he was quick to add that they would need a large amount of funds to hold the event. “I have submitted a letter to the ministry of inter-provincial coordination (IPC) in this respect and the ministry has given us the green signal. If we are able to get around Rs6 million from the government and at least Rs5 million is raised through sponsorship, then we will be able to organise a superb event,” Waseem said.

He said there is need for international events in the country. “Hosting an event benefits a country in many ways. It not only boosts the confidence level of the local players when they win medals but it also builds the image of a country as it hosts sports dignitaries from across the world,” he said.

The PTF President also revealed that Taekwondo Promotion Foundation would give Pakistan taekwondo mats. “During my recent visit to Tashkent for attending the ATU council meeting, I requested chairman of Taekwondo Foundation Dai Soon Lee to give us a few mats and he agreed,” said Waseem.

“If we get a few mats from them, then we plan to give them to a few deserving clubs. During the last few years, we have given quite a few mats to the provinces and it’s time to also support the clubs,” he added.

The PTF President disclosed that in Tashkent he also had a meeting with the presidents of Taekwondo Federations of Iran, Korea and Uzbekistan and told them that they should support Pakistan in terms of training of their athletes.

“The president of Iran Taekwondo Federation agreed and told me that I should send my players to Iran. I want to send those players who are to participate in the Asian Games in South Korea for at least one and a half month to Iran,” Waseem said.

He said that the PTF would need money for sending players to Iran.

“Although Iran has promised that they would provide accommodation and diet to our players, we will have to meet the air-fare of our athletes and for that we will need money,” he said.

He lamented that Pakistan had not yet started preparations for the Asiad. “Other countries have been preparing for the Asian Games for a long time, but our players are at their homes, which is pathetic,” he said.

He said the proposed Iran tour would provide tough training to the Pakistani players for the Asiad to be held in Incheon in South Korea from September 19 to October 4.

Pakistan is expected to field three male and a couple of female players in the continental event.

Scotland-based Atif Arshad, Shah Aadil, Ghazanfar, Najia Khan and Asia Batool are expected to represent Pakistan in the Asian Games.

The PTF President also said that the PTF was considering sending a couple of players to Baku for the 1st World Cadet Taekwondo championship, to be held there from July 24 to 27.

“If somebody can go there on self-finance basis, we will send their entries,” said Waseem.

“Participation is compulsory in such competitions. If a country misses it, it is suspended,” he pointed out.

Pakistan will participate in the Commonwealth Taekwondo championship, which will be held in November also in Glasgow. “We have a good chance of winning medals in the Commonwealth Taekwondo championship. We have a bunch of talented players and I believe they will win medals,” Waseem said.

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