Routine exercises can be boring. If they were fun, everyone would be healthy. But as it is, no one wants to waste time everyday jogging or sticking to a workout routine that takes too long to reward you with a healthy body or reduced weights. That is exactly where cardio kickboxing comes into the picture. It is described as a ‘fine blend of martial arts, boxing and traditional aerobics’. So, just how do you observe these routines? Read on to find out.


There is a position you have to return to after every kick and punch. Your feet should be kept at shoulder width apart. One foot should be set back from the other at a minimal angle and your fists should be around your temples so as to guard your face. You must be quick and very light on your feet. That is the only way you can be sure of quick and forceful actions when taking on your opponent. Then know the types of punches commonly included in cardio kickboxing. They include:

  • Jabs – It is a straight punch that is packed with power
  • Crosses – They are rear hand jab analogs
  • Hooks – Stretch your leading hand fully then in an arc, target the punch towards your opponents temple or cheek
  • Uppercuts – They are to be thrown with rear hands, targeting your opponents chin from downside.

Basic techniques

Note that you won’t be fighting a real opponent. You will be doing what experts in the sport refer to as shadow boxing. This is after all, a workout technique meant to benefit your heart’s health. You have to master the basics first before moving into techniques that can help you defend yourself. Fortunately, none of these routines call for equipment. You only need to master the moves, one step after the other. Then depending on your level of skill and preparation, you can advance to more complex moves such as side kicking, front kicking and round kicking.

Practising at home

People tend to attend classes for just a few days, mostly the first two weeks. They enjoy performing the techniques in classes or groups. But they hardly continue with the routine at home. Here’s what is interesting about the sport. You can design a number of combinations of kicks and punches. All it takes is regular practicing and of course, watching one or two videos on how to sharpen you kicking and punching skills. Just see into it that your combination of strikes is accurate and thrown quickly without unnecessary pauses.

Intensive classes

This is where you get to burn as much as 500 to 800 calories per hour. But like many good things, such feats do not come easy. You have to be consistent and put up with exhausting enduring exercises such as working out on a treadmill. The end product however, is what should keep you going. How else will you be assured of a lean body, a positive self image and self confidence?