In order to turn knowledge into wisdom, we need to apply the knowledge first. Without the application of your knowledge, you can never gain wisdom. This holds true even in the world of muscle-building. You may read beauty magazines, fitness books, and blogs; however, the acquired information from these resources is nothing, if not applied. Therefore, be wise and apply well resourced knowledge while building muscles.

And in this article, I will be revealing all the information that I have pertaining to bulking up to build muscles, and you need to promise yourself that you will apply this knowledge in your day to day life. Let’s begin with what you for sure need to know about bulking to building muscles.

Bulking To Build Muscles: Here Is What You Need To Know!
a) If you think eating more will help you to increase your ability to gain muscles, think again! It won’t. After you reach the final benchmark, your muscles are not going to speed up even when you consume more food. In reality, your body can’t build more muscles in a limited time frame.

b) If you are pondering over the idea of Bulking – is it good or bad? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. And, unfortunately, the answer isn’t so black and white. The truth is, if you are planning to gain muscles, you have to be ready for bulking too.

c) It is not necessary to appreciate bulking in order to grow muscles. In other words, don’t use bulking as a cover up for eating unhealthy junk food. To grow big, you have to eat. But you won’t be growing enough if you rely on harmful junk food. Instead, consume enough calories and nutrients to help your muscles grow in a substantial proportion.
Know The Bulking Dos and Don’ts To Build Muscles Without Piling On Body Fat!

1. Know how much calories your body needs
Firstly, know how many calories you need by doing the math using a BMR calculator, then make a conscious decision of exceeding your calorie intake by consuming the right foods such as eggs and milk. The key objective here is to consume more than you can burn, and convert those excess calories to muscles with the help of right training.
Regardless of how rapid or slow your metabolic rate is, you need to consume more calories than you can burn.
2. Follow strategic cheat meals
If you fancy growing big then follow the rule: eat nutritious foods 80% of the time and eat anything else for the remaining 20%. Ideally this will work, if you take a disciplined protein-rich breakfast, which includes omelet cooked in virgin-oil along with fresh vegetables and turkey on the side. However, once a week, you can go easy with your breakfast by having pancakes or bacon for your morning breakfast.
3. Know your muscle building supplements well
The fitness industry is inundated with plenty of muscle-building supplements and all claiming to be the best supplement for bodybuilding. It is, however, in your best interest to know and identify the most effective and reliable bodybuilding supplement. Ideally, your health supplement should cover up for nutrients that your body lacks despite eating nutrition-rich meals. With each dose, the supplement should provide you with nutrients that your body lacks. For instance, an HGH Energizer supplement provides you all those nutrients you are deficient in.
Secondly, the health supplement should be safe to consume. The company should be reputed and reliable, and should be well known for its supplements.
4. Eat Your Vegetables
Meat is ridiculously expensive these days and is also not eco-friendly. So, why bother with meat when we have such great vegetarian options available in front of us. Green leafy vegetables provide all the nutrients that your body needs for muscle-building. Many successful trainers are vegetarians and they consume pulses and legumes on a daily basis. Look for tropical fruits and berries too!

1. Eat More Junk Food
Of course, if you aren’t consuming enough food, the muscle growth will freeze, but in no way does it mean that you start consuming more of food for the muscles to grow. This, perhaps, is one of the commonest mistakes made by trainers who are trying to build a muscular physique. Eating too much food, especially, junk in the hope of stimulating more muscle growth is a ridiculous idea as it won’t produce positive results.
Our bodies have limited capacities, and the muscles you can build also depends on your body’s capacity to synthesize new muscle tissues from ingested proteins. Therefore, stop thinking and avoid eating too much of junk food.
2. Eat Less Food
Once you are done reading the above tip, don’t conclude that you should start eating like a bird. In order to build muscles, you must eat more calories than you burn every day. The point here is to consume the right amount of food. Talk to a qualified muscle-building expert and know the estimates of what your calorie intake should be depending on your body weight. Know how much calories will support the optimal growth of your muscles.
Remember the calorie intake should allow you to gain at least two to four pounds per month. If you aren’t already gaining that much weight then increase your calorie intake, until you reach that rate of growth.
3. Ignore High-Intensity Training
Remember we will be consuming more calories, which means our training intensities should be higher too in order to convert those excess calories into stronger and leaner muscles. Lifting heavy weights and performing compound moves will help you to create a seamless stimulus needed for muscle synthesis. But, of course, don’t forget to bike occasionally as that will help your body to keep the fat low.
It is advisable to make use of the technology and wear an activity tracker that will monitor your heart rate to keep a track of your calories while you peform your workouts.
4. Forget To Take It Easy!
To have a goal of becoming a vehement muscle-builder is credible, but learn to take it easy. Having a plan of performing strenuous supersets will take longer to build muscles. Instead, it is advisable to follow a balanced and more controlled plan that involves rest and slow sets.
You can try this rest set with bicep curls: lift your five or ten-rep at a tempo two seconds up and four seconds down. Remember to rest in between for 15 to 20 seconds. Now lift again for two seconds up and four seconds down. Repeat the set once more with the same counts. Make sure you take rest.
Final Words!
Having the right expectations will take you a long way ahead in muscle-building. Don’t expect quick results as building muscles take longer than you think. Every time you carry an unrealistic goal, you are heading for disappointments and failures.
Don’t fall for marketing gimmicks used to sell shakes and supplements. You cannot transform your physique without putting efforts and time. In muscle-building, there is science that you need to fully understand before you actually start seeing results.
Muscle-building is a lifestyle, and not a temporary way of living!

Nick Wilson is a fitness coach and health writer. Her passion is to encourage others to rediscover their lifestyle and get inspired for organic living. He occasionally blogs about how to use supplements and shares info about how to use supplements properly.