Sworn brothers fight to reveal the truth and survival with Brotherhood of Blades

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WellGo USA continues to dominate the release of Asian cinema in the US especially with their martial arts films. The martial arts epic has been getting even more of a push over the last couple of years thanks to companies like WellGo USA and they show no signs of slowing down. Their latest martial arts epic Brotherhood of Blades looks to continue that trend, but does it bring the expected sword wielding action or will it be a bond left broken?

Brotherhood of Blades - WellGo USA

Brotherhood of Blades – WellGo USA

Brotherhood of Blades follows three sworn brothers, and deadly Jinyiwei – Secret Police of the Imperial Guard. The new Emperor’s first mission -find and annihilate the corrupt fugitive Eunuch Wei and his followers. But one mistake reveals the truth – the three men are pawns in a deadly game, unleashing a chain of secrets, conspiracies, and lethal consequences. Story wise this film isn’t bringing anything that we haven’t seen before, but they have injected just enough twists and turns to make it still worth checking out. It’s no surprise that visual the film is amazing with both the sets and landscapes, but also the costuming and armor used in the film. While the story is intriguing and will keep you engaged, but the real reason to check out this film is the fighting. While they aren’t breaking down any walls in choreography they have executed some great sword play here. They have a few small fights, but the majority of them are saved for big sequences that are well executed and some getting a bit bloody.

While there are tons of these films out there, most released through WellGo USA, this latest one earns its place in the ranks of great martial arts epics. Whether you are a fan of foreign films, martial arts or all of the above this is worth checking out if for nothing else than the action, but thankfully there is a good story and performances to go with it.

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